When we started our irrigation business, we learned early on that we couldn’t rely on remote live training ‘events’ that are scheduled on inconvenient dates and never when we need them to train our technicians.  We attended a few to test what was available.  We were underwhelmed. 

What we found is that when you show up to one of those things, you’re dry assembling parts on a folding table.  The focus is new installation and the manufacturer is going to have a bias towards the products they make. 

Here’s the biggest obstacle…

When you leave ‘event training,’ how much do you really retain?  There’s no system to reinforce the experience. 

Sadly, by the time you get home, take off your shoes and walk the dog, you might retain half of what you spent all day “learning.”  In fact according to the results of the scientific research of Herman Ebbinghaus, The Ebbinhaus Forgetting Curve, immediately after we learn something we forget 50%.  What’s worse, by the end of a month the forgetting is up to 90%.  Without reinforcement, it’s a waste of time and money.

It wouldn’t matter if the instructor at the training event knew everything there is to know about irrigation.  It’s not a real world situation, (there’s no mud!) Professional Irrigation Repair training is hard to find and when you find it, it’s not taking place on actual service calls.

Hard to believe, but the event training is still the way irrigation technicians all across the U.S. are being trained.

Of course, like most companies, we provide on the job training, which does include mud and actual service calls.  The challenge we faced with OTJ training was that it is 100% dependent on the customer calls, so we might be stuck training advanced troubleshooting with newbies who need to learn the basics first.  Also, OTJ requires a structured tracking system so that you know which tech has mastered which skills in order to give them the right project assignments. 

So to avoid all that, like many landscaping and irrigation company owners, we tried hiring irrigation techs with experience.  Surely that will work, right?  We stopped doing that pretty quickly too, because we were hiring the same techs who were cutting corners and creating the need for the expert repair business we were providing.  It took longer to “untrain” their bad habits than it did to train new hires with no irrigation experience.


We also learned early on that we needed to become expert trainers.  Here’s where we had a pretty huge advantage.  One of the business partners had a long corporate background as a national trainer.  She’s now the CEO of Skilled Pro Academy.  We became training experts, but when Covid hit, like everyone around the world, we were challenged with social distancing of the team.  That’s when we turned to digital courses for our training to reduce employee contact with each other and with management. 

What we discovered is that online training works!  We also discovered that none existed, so we created Skilled Pro Academy. 

It works for us, so we’re offering it to YOU now.

BEST Irrigation Repair School SKILLED PRO ACADEMY
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