Super friendly,
authentic humans

Jim M.

Irrigation Repair Coach
Masterclass Instructor
Course Creation
Video Production

Steven N.

Executive Assistant to CEO
Student Services
Course Creation
Video Proofing
Social Media Marketing

Bryan B.

I.T. Website Support
Student Services
Graphic Art
Email automation

Mazi S.

Post Production Video Editing

Susan W.

Assistant to Holly
Social Media Marketing
Copy Editing
Spanish Translations

Tamia M.

Student Services
Digital Specialist
Events Coordinator
Operations Shero

Jade B.

Student Services
CEU Admin
Events Coordinator
Operations Wizard

Holly McIlwain

Female Founded, Female CEO
(We’re proud of that.)

Discover the heartwarming journey at Skilled Pro Academy, where our founder and CEO, Holly McIlwain, leads with her passion for training. Join us in the extraordinary experience of becoming an irrigation repair expert. It’s more than just learning; it’s a community where kindness thrives. Holly selects team members with a serving spirit, asking ourselves daily: “Who can we help today?” Your journey to expertise starts here – a place where warmth and knowledge flourish together. Welcome to Skilled Pro Academy, where everyday is an opportunity to realize we’re here for more.

Speed Up training increase profit.
Speed Up training increase profit.

Speed up Your Training Cycle.  Increase Profit. Say, “We ARE Irrigation Repair Experts!

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